RainMachine Mini-8 front uncovered

RainMachine Mini-8 install and setup with video

The guys from RainMachine have sent over the Mini-8 for an honest review and I went through the install and setup today.

The RainMachine Mini-8 Smart Irrigation Controller is an EPA Watersense certified WiFi sprinkler controller that will skip waterings when it rains. The unit can be controlled with an iOS, Android or web device and also integrates with IFTTT (If This Then That), which can wire up with other smart services like Amazon’s Echo.



BlueSpray 16-Zone WiFi sprinkler controller installation and setup video and photos

I just finished the installation of BlueSpray’s 16-Zone WiFi irrigation controller, so it’s time for an update with video and photos to show you how it went for me.

The hardware is pretty easy to setup and the software is simple to use. BlueSpray’s features are really dialed in for commercial use, with the ability to expand to 64 zones, water multiple zones simultaneously, and plot out your zones visually with Google Maps. Having all of your zones plotted out with a satellite photo of the property must be a life saver when it’s your business to manage multiple properties.



RainMachine WiFi Sprinkler Controller installation and setup video and photos

Installing the RainMachine HD-12 was quite simple and it probably took less than 10 minutes to go from a dumb sprinkler controller to a smart one.

After taking a photo of my zone setup, I used the small flat-head screwdriver that came inside the box to disconnect the wires from my RainBird controller. I zipped out the existing screw holding the RainBird unit in place. Then popped the unit off the wall and removed the second screw.