Rachio second generation WiFi sprinkler controller

New Rachio WiFi sprinkler controller released

UPDATE: I’ve got my hands on the Rachio Generation 2, check out the review here.

Rachio’s Iro has dominated smart sprinkler category on Amazon for a while, and now the next generation WiFi irrigation controller has been released.

The new Rachio is available on Amazon for $249.99. The unit controls up to 16 zones, supports the full range of devices (iOS, Android, web), and, most importantly, smartly schedules itself.



Why do my sprinklers need WiFi?

As the smart home movement picks up steam, more and more devices are getting connected to the internet. Some may say “Why do I need WiFi sprinklers? I set the schedule on my simple system and forget about it.”

I can see that side of the argument. Things are bound to go wrong when you add more complexity to your life. If something works for you, then stick to it. But don’t complain when you’re left behind.


It’s time to plant your smart garden

This whole smart home thing is starting to gain traction, with locks and lights and cameras leading the way. Ever since I saw the Nest smart thermostat, with it’s slick design and smooth iOS app, I wanted something like it for my sprinkler system. I wanted to turn my backyard into a smart garden.  I’m sure about a million other people thought the same thing, and now we have a bevy of competitors in the market to satisfy that need.

We’re here to test drive these smart garden systems and report back on what works, what sucks and what is worth spending money on.