PlantLink soil sensor review: A good start for a necessary gadget

After a few weeks of use and many of ups and downs, I consider the PlantLink soil sensor a decent addition to my smart garden.

The promise of PlantLink is to “Never worry about over or under-watering again”. I was disappointed that the sensor only reports on moisture, and not sunlight or fertility like other smart soil sensors. But PlantLink says they’ve talked to plant scientists and they say “the most important factor in keeping plants healthy is administering the correct amount of water”. I’m willing to go with that.



PlantLink soil sensor unboxing with video and photos

I received the PlantLink soil sensor in the mail today so it’s time for an unboxing video before I get it into the ground.

The PlantLink base station connects to your home network with a wired ethernet cable. The base station broadcasts its signal to the sensors using the Zigbee protocol. For comparison, Parrot’s Flower Power sensor uses Bluetooth Smart and connects directly to your phone.