WiFi Sprinkler Controller Comparison

With so many solid competitors in the market, finding the best WiFi sprinkler controller to get your smart garden started is a tough task. We have broken out the key bullet points for each product into a table for easy comparison.

This list will be updated once a month. If you would like to add your product or have found an error, please contact us.

Column Key

 Smart Watering refers to the ability of the WiFi controller to download weather data and automatically set up a schedule.

 Zones are the number of electronically controlled sprinkler valves you can wire into the controller. Many WiFi controllers have add-ons that allow you to water more zones. Some controllers have versions with more or less zones as well, with the version with less zones being cheaper.

 Manual Control means you can walk up to the smart controller without a device and program it by hand. This is a great feature if you’re the type of person that would rather just have it in front of you instead of depending on another device. Redundancy isn’t a bad thing.